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Free Shipping in the Continental US.

Smell Proof Backpacks

Smell Proof Backpacks

Are you looking to live your life, while making your own decisions and choices about your lifestyle? Do you want to do that while keeping those you love out of your stuff?  If so, a discreet looking, Smell proof backpack with a lock may be just what you need!

Our Discreet Smoker Backpacks have built in 3-digit combo locks to put your mind at rest, knowing that only you have access to those precious contents.
The added security of a lock combines perfectly with the activated carbon lining on the inside of the backpacks which captures all the odor particles, not letting any scents or smells escape. Thank you science.
Our odor proof backpacks with lock come in a wide range of options:

Choice of colors

Choice of sizes

  • Mini backpacks measure 7 x 9 x 4”
  • Drawstring Bag measures 14 x 20”
  • Large Black Backpack with Laptop Compartment measures 19 x 12 x 7”


  • Built-in 3-digit combo code
  • Activated Carbon lining
  • Added storage with zipper pocket

Why people love our smell-proof backpacks

  • Looks great, yet designed to go unnoticed
  • Comfortable fit
  • Proven to keep all odors locked inside