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Free Shipping in the Continental US.
Free Shipping in the Continental US.
smell proof bag


Get the equipment you need to suit your discreet lifestyle.

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smell proof case


Put your mind at ease with our secure odor-locking technology.

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Take it anywhere* you want, without worrying about the smell.

*Travel at your own risk.

Coverage & Freshness

Check out our all-in-one kit that includes a grinder, joint case, and other mini tools. The sealed but slightly breathable casing ensures its contents’ freshness.

Discreet & Lockable

The smell-proof technology and lockable bags further deter snoopers. Keep your stash containers, pipe, vape & rolling papers locked and secured.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The beautiful design of our smell proof stash boxes with hard cover casing houses your bud in style.

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What is Discreet Smoker about?

No one needs to know
about your oregano.

Wanna know how it all started for us?

We shared the house with our family.
We loved oregano, they didn’t.
We loved them too though, so we didn’t want to upset them.
So well – we did something about it.

That’s our story. What’s yours?

We’ve tried to think of all sorts of creative ways and discreet designs to offer you affordable odor-proof accessories to blend in to your day-to-day, making it easy for you to live your life as you wish, while keeping those around you safe.

What’s your lifestyle?

Do you need a smell proof backpack to carry around with you all day every day? From morning duties to afternoon and evening fun?
We got you.

Want to be eco-friendly and look stylish?
Take a look at our brown smell proof Hemp Mini Backpack with secret lock.
We got you.

Do you shy away from changing the backpack you’ve grown to love? Would you rather just throw a smell proof locking bag in it or simply a small, discreet airtight smell proof container?
We got you.

Would you rather not carry anything around at all and just enjoy your All Natural Bamboo Rolling Tray at home?
We got you.

Want to lock it away in the house or garage unnoticed?
How about our black stash box? Fitting right into the tool shelf element, making it unquestionable to others.
(It even comes with removable stickers for you to put on or not. It’s all in your hands.)
We got you.

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    Weed is a wonderful thing and we tokers just want to take it everywhere! Unfortunately, the marijuana controversy and prohibition in many states makes that difficult.
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