Collection: Rolling Trays

Some prefer to be served on a silver tray, others like to serve themselves on a wooden tray.

For those who prefer to serve themselves on wood, our Discreet Smoker Rolling Tray is sure to please and satisfy!

What you’ll love about our bamboo wooden rolling trays:


A designated tray area for your herb to be lovingly prepared on.


Cut-out sections will keep all your 420 essentials neatly contained in one area.


Our all natural bamboo rolling trays are made of top-quality wood that will endure the test of time. 

Different Shapes and Sizes

  • Foldable
  • Classic designs
  • Smell-Proof Kit
  • Foldable with Ash-Tray (Large)


  • Bamboo
  • Cut out Sections, for better organizing of all your 420 essentials
  • Magnetic Closure