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Our Discreet Smoker Backpacks have built in 3-digit combo locks to put your mind at rest, knowing that only you have access to those precious contents.

The added security of a lock combines perfectly with the activated carbon lining on the inside of the backpacks which captures all the odor particles, not letting any scents or smells escape. Thank you science.


What is a smell-proof backpack?

A smell-proof backpack is a backpack equipped with advanced
odor-blocking technology. It is designed to discreetly and securely
carry items with strong odors, such as herbs, smoking accessories, or
other fragrant items, while preventing those odors from escaping.

What makes a backpack smell-proof?

Smell-proof backpacks utilize specialized materials and technology,
including activated carbon lining, to absorb and neutralize odors. This
lining is designed to trap and contain smells, making the backpack
airtight and odor-resistant.

How do I use a smell-proof backpack effectively?

To use a smell-proof backpack effectively, simply place your items
inside, ensuring they are well-contained and sealed. The activated
carbon lining will work to minimize and contain odors. It's essential to
properly close the zippers or seals to maintain the bag's odor-proof

Can a smell-proof backpack completely eliminate odors?

While smell-proof backpacks are highly effective at reducing and
containing odors, extremely strong odors may not be completely
eliminated. The level of effectiveness can vary depending on the quality
of the backpack and the intensity of the smell. Nevertheless, they are
designed to keep odors discreet and undetectable.

Are smell-proof backpacks legal to use?

Yes, smell-proof backpacks are legal and widely used for various
purposes, including the discreet transport of legal herbs, spices, and
other items. It's important to use them in accordance with local laws
and regulations.

What should I consider when choosing a smell-proof backpack?

When selecting a smell-proof backpack, consider factors like size,
durability, locking mechanism (if desired), and style. Choose one that
suits your specific needs and preferences

How do I clean a smell-proof backpack?

Cleaning a smell-proof backpack is typically straightforward. Most can
be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. Be sure to follow the
manufacturer's cleaning instructions to maintain the bag's effectiveness.

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