Collection: Smell Proof Bags

  • Carbon Activated Smell Proof Technology

    Our Bags are scientifically designed to contain all smells with 4 layers of protection. The activated carbon soaks in all the scents allowing nothing to escape. 

  • Reusable and Water Resistant

    Our Eco-Friendly bags are made to be reusable and water resistant so you can keep the weather out and the smells in.

  • Child Proof Combo Lock

    Get your smell proof bag with our 3 digit combo lock, so you can keep the ones you love safe while locking in all odors


How do Smell Proof Bags work?

Smell Proof Bags are lined with activated carbon, which has exceptional
odor-absorbing properties. The activated carbon traps and eliminates
odors, making the contents of the bag virtually scentless.

What can I store in a Smell Proof Bag?

You can store a wide range of items, including herbs, smoking
accessories, toiletries, food, and anything else with strong odors that
you want to keep discreet and odor-free.

Are Smell Proof Bags reusable?

Yes, Smell Proof Bags are designed for multiple uses. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for an extended period.

Do Smell Proof Bags completely eliminate odors?

While Smell Proof Bags are highly effective at containing and reducing
odors, it's important to note that no product can completely eliminate
odors. However, our bags are designed to make the scents undetectable to the human nose.

How should I clean my Smell Proof Bag?

To clean your Smell Proof Bag, wipe the interior and exterior with a
damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or submerging the bag in water, as this can damage the odor-absorbing lining.

Are Smell Proof Bags legal to use?

Smell Proof Bags are legal and widely used for various purposes,
including discreet storage of legal herbs, spices, and other items.
However, it's essential to use them responsibly and in compliance with
local laws.

Can I trust the combination lock to keep my items secure?

Yes, the combination lock on our Smell Proof Bags adds an extra layer of security. However, it's essential to choose a secure combination and
keep it confidential.

What is a smell-proof bag?

A smell-proof bag is a specially designed container that incorporates
advanced odor-blocking technology. It is intended to conceal and contain strong odors, making it ideal for storing items like herbs, spices,
smoking accessories, or anything with potent scents that you want to
keep discreet.

How to smell-proof a bag?

To make any bag smell-proof, you can use odor-absorbing accessories like activated carbon packets or pouches. Place these inside the bag along with your items. However, for the best results, it's recommended to invest in a purpose-built smell-proof bag, which is designed
specifically for this purpose and provides superior odor control.

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