How Smell Proof Bags Work

Smell proof technology has been scientifically designed to neutralize odors.

Just imagine millions of hungry activated carbon molecules feasting on invisible particles that produce the smell. The inner linings of each of our bags are made up of activated carbon fabric, which contains the smell - not allowing it to escape.

All Discreet Smoker brand bags are specially designed with activated carbon technology that traps odors inside while at the same time neutralizing them through additional activated carbon particles.


smell proof bags carbon tech graphic

A more simplified explanation:

Activated carbon fabric absorbs odors in much the same way that sponges absorb water.
Carbon particles absorb molecules they come in contact with. When the odor molecules come into contact with the activated carbon, they are absorbed and become trapped within the particle, where they stay locked and neutralized.

It might sound a bit complicated, but it works simply and wonderfully, ensuring that anything you put inside a Discreet Smoker smell-proof bag or case will remain discreet.

If you like to be discreet, smell proof technology is what you need.

Ready to try a case that will take the stank out of your dank?