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Free Shipping in the Continental US.
Free Shipping in the Continental US.

Smell Proof Bags

Smell Proof Bags

Carbon Activated Smell Proof Technology

Smell Proof bag carbon activated technology chart

Our Bags are scientifically designed to contain all smells with 4 layers of protection. The activated carbon soaks in all the scents allowing nothing to escape. 

Set your mind at ease with our scent proof technology and take your smell proof bag anywhere you want without the worry of people knowing what you keep inside.


Reusable and Water Resistant.

Smell Proof Bag velcro seal opened view

Our Eco-Friendly bags are made to be reusable and water resistant so you can keep the weather out and the smells in. Our Smell proof bags are made to last. Take it camping, throw it in your backpack without worrying about wear and tear.

Child Proof Combo Lock or Velcro Closure

Smell Proof Bag Zoomed in lock view
Get your smell proof bag with our 3 digit combo lock, so you can keep the ones you love safe while locking in all odors or go for our sleekly designed, easy to open and close Velcro seal which will keep your precious contents tightly secured.




Our bags range from:

  • Small and discreet: Bags that can easily fit in your purse,  man purse, or fanny pack.
  • Large and slender: Odor proof bags that can discreetly fit in with your files and folders.

Dimensions available:
  • 11x9"
  • 6x7"
  • 6.5x5.5" with a unique 4" wide opening

Try out one and you’ll understand why Discreet Smoker smell proof stash bags rock.