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Favorite Stealth Weed Stash Spots

by katherine Saab 12 Jul 2018 0 Comments

Weed is a wonderful thing and we tokers just want to take it everywhere! Unfortunately, the marijuana controversy and prohibition in many states makes that difficult. Although it has presented a challenge, we have managed to successfully stash our weed for years! Let’s take a look at some of our timeless and favorite stash spots, at home and on the go:

Classic Favorite:  A hollowed out hard covered book is the favorite because it will work on the go or in your home. The DIY version is simple, fast and lasts for years. Just select a hard cover book that is relatively thick with pages. Make sure it is something that you might read. Leave several pages at the front and back of the book. Cut out the center of the pages in the middle with an exacto knife. Put your marijuana in a smell proof bag or in several layers of plastic bags, if it isn’t too skunky. Place your weed package inside of the cut out hollow and put your book on a shelf at home or in your backpack!

The College Favorite: The 420 joint stash spot is the inside of a cleaned out Highlighter marker. Make sure you stuff down some tissue or a bit of plastic bag towards the tip, after removing insides, so your joint stays ink free! Put your joint inside and put the bottom cap back on. You are ready for 420!

★In The Closet Favorite: This one is perfect, however, you must deal with hiding the smell with a smell proof bag or a DIY tinfoil and or plastic bag wrap. Then choose a pocket of old jeans, inside breast pocket of a jacket, coat pocket, hoodie pocket or any pocket of something in your closet you don’t wear that often. Another stash alternative is inside a shoe in your closet. You know, the old bong in the boot has always been a favorite and your stash will be great there too!

Musicians Favorite: The possibilities are endless with this. Most any kind of instrument case has some kind of compartment that will easily stash various amounts of marijuana. For transporting, you can even tape some up inside your instrument, as long as you remember to take it out before you start your gig!

Girl’s Favorites: The make up case is the number one stash spot for girls on the go! The size of your makeup case will determine the amount you can discreetly stash. You can easily put joints or bud in the bottom of many compacts of blush, powder or eye shadow. For the traveling girl, (road trips only) you can even find locked, smell-proof bags for make up and toiletries, with compartments inside for all of your weed smoking needs.

Guy’s Favorites: The all time classic for guys on the go is a baggy of weed or joints in their sock, not exactly comfortable, but it usually worked. Today, you can wear a smell proof fanny pack and hit the road in comfort, confidence and flip-flops. The Fanny pack is back in style and perfect for on your bike, on the beach or in your car.

Weed culture and acceptance has grown and relaxed in many ways, however; there are always reasons for needing a stealth stash spot for your marijuana. Let’s hear about some of your favorite weed stash spots and experiences! Just leave a comment below or send us an email. We love to hear from you!

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